Those That Wake

"Jesse Karp creates a shockingly familiar sci-fi reality in Those That Wake. Readers will find that many elements of the novel ring truer than we might want to admit, which creates even more of a dramatic pull . . . poignantly delves into the idea . . . Both teens and adults will enjoy this look at the future that could be."
- Children's Literature

"Karp has created a terrifically gloomy set and peopled it with both very real characters and others that are eerily unreal. . .  With plenty of action, challenging ideas, and bizarre antagonists, this one should appeal to a broad section of teens."
- School Library Journal

"A fascinating premise . . . page-turning action . . . intriguing, original and thought-provoking."
- Booklist

"The teen protagonists [are] well-developed and likable characters . . . The story is quick moving and full of action, both physical and intellectual . . . highly recommended for teen and adult readers . . . a well-written, intricately plotted story."

"Karp ably ratchets up the tension . . . compelling."
- Publishers Weekly

"High-concept ideas with concrete atmosphere . . . I was delighted to discover this thought-provoking novel . . . If you love it when your entertainment exercises your gray matter, you’ll enjoy this book as much as I did."
- Teen Writers Bloc

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