Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rabbi Harvey

     I teach a graduate course at Pratt Institute called Graphic Novel: Narrative and Sequence.  Last class, we had a guest speaker named Steve Sheinkin, who created a character (and a graphic novel series) named Rabbi Harvey.  The entertaining and informative talk he gave the class aside, his comic work is nothing short of unique.  Harvey is a rabbi who lives in the Old West, dispensing justice through wisdom and heaping helpings of Steve's trademark low-key humor.
     The Rabbi has three books behind him now (which you can find out about right here) and every one contains exactly the quirky personality and sly sense of humor that no one expects from ancient stories of Jewish wisdom.  As it becomes harder and harder to find works that are truly singular artistic visions in the extraordinary proliferation of mass entertainment available, Rabbi Harvey offers that most infrequent prize: something you've never seen before.

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