Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Sequel, Part 1

     Those That Wake is going to have a sequel.  The first draft is done and the editing process begins.  A great deal of work was done on Those That Wake before it was published, though the structure, the themes and the nature of the characters all remained essentially intact (which is a real tribute to my agent, who was my de facto editor).  This makes me curious to see how much of the sequel, as it stands now, will make it to the published version.  I don't suppose anyone loves the idea of their writing being shifted, massaged, altered or transformed, but I will say that Those That Wake was far, far superior in its published form (that's the whole idea, after all).  Next post, I'll throw out some ideas for what I believe makes a good sequel.  For now, I plan to check back in with the sequel over the course of its pre-publishing process and note significant changes.  I hope this will offer some small glimpse into a process that always (to me, at least) seemed opaque.  The first thing on the potential chopping block: the title.  The original title of Those That Wake did not last long (and with good reason, I might add), so we'll see how this one does.  As of now, the sequel's title is The Unmade Man.

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