Thursday, May 2, 2013

Captain America, Bonkers Version

     Captain America is hitting a high-water mark in its history with the current run by writer Rick Remender and artist John Romita, Jr.  They have taken the Captain out of his standard mileu and dropped him into the utterly bonkers Dimension Z.  As weird as it is, this bizarre, monster-infested, war-torn environment is proving ideal for exploring the character's greatest strength, namely, his ironclad refusal to ever lay down and die.  This has always been Captain America's defining and most compelling characteristic, and Mr. Remender takes us even deeper into the formation of this extraordinary willpower by exploring the character's early history in greater detail than ever before.  Meanwhile, Mr. Romtia Jr.'s artwork captures the terror of Dimension Z, even as it evokes the desperate but more innocent days of the Depression for the flashback sequences.  Despite the fact that he is the son of John Romita (one of the industry's defining talents), Mr. Romita, Jr. captures the dynamisim of Jack Kirby unlike any other artist working today (which is particularly appropriate for this run, which is itself an homage to the King's 1970's work on the character).
     The first arc of this series will be collected in June, but in the meantime, individual issues arrive monthly at your local comic store and are well worth a read.

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