Thursday, March 3, 2011


     I was thinking about last week's post, noodling around the internet and pursuing my fascination with evil twins and doppelgangers, and I came upon something so bizarre, so flat out nutso, it could only be real.  Turns out there is a psychological condition called Capgras Delusion.  Patients suffering from this believe that their friends and family -- those closest to them -- have been replaced by identical impostors.  Since the first documented case of this seems to have been in 1923 -- well before Invasion of the Body Snatchers -- it means that our own brains produced it without any seeds planted from the world of mass media.  Just how crazy are we?  Until now, I thought the extreme of psychological breakdown was represented by Münchausen syndrome by proxy (so ably depicted in The Sixth Sense), but I've adopted a whole new outlook on crazy now.
     Twins and doubles have a deep. archetypal resonance.  They pop up again and again in literature (try Dostoyevsky's The Double), film (try The Broken) and everything in between.  Maybe we find them a little bit too fascinating.

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