Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Eisner Nominations

     After an exultant (and bleary-eyed) four days locked in a conference room in San Diego with the five other judges and our esteemed Eisner Award administrator Jackie Estrada, nominations for excellence in comic books and graphic novels in twenty-seven categories have been officially announced here.
     This was a unique and meaningful opportunity, a chance to offer a broad statement on the form itself and to become a small footnote in its grand history.    Among my own favorite titles on the list:

The new Daredevil series by Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin
"Harvest of Fear" from Treehouse of Horror #17 By Jim Woodring
Jim Henson's Tale of Sand by Ramon K. Perez (not what you'd expect)
Optic Nerve #12 by Adrian Tomine
Richard Stark's Parker: the Martini Edition by Darwyn Cooke

     I'm confident you will find something on the list that you will love.


  1. Congratulations on all your hard work, Jesse!

  2. Thanks, Stacy. The long nights and bleary eyes are quickly receding, while the list is forever.