Friday, April 27, 2012

The Weird That Got Away

     I wrote a little while ago about how serving on the Eisner committee opened my eyes up to some of the sublime weirdness that independent comic world had to offer.  I must say that I was also pleasantly surprised by some of the deeply disturbing material (in the best way possible) that digital comics (a.k.a. webcomics) have to offer.  Some of that made it onto the nominee list (I'm thinking of Outfoxed and Sarah and the Seed here), but there are always a few that slip through the narrow spaces between votes.  So let me take this chance to recommend two others that particularly stood out:  The Abaddon (involved and cerebral, part two just got started) and Margot's Room (already complete, very dark; pay close attention to the opening words to figure out how to navigate through the comic).
     It's always a pleasure to see some really effective weird out there, especially in new formats.  As Those That Wake will attest, I'm a big fan of weird.

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