Thursday, June 20, 2013

The "S"

     Superman could be the most recognizable character on the face of the planet.  I'm not sure who could compete at this point.  Pokemon?  Maybe Mickey Mouse if it were twenty-five years ago.  Batman?  Put on a Superman T-shirt sometime and walk down the street and marvel at the friendly acknowledgement you get, more notoriety I would bet than for any other symbol you could find on a T-shirt.  The new Man of Steel notwithstanding (a giant lumbering mess of a film that is sorely lacking in the characteristic most crucial to Superman: humanity), the "S" means something.  It is, one must admit, owned by a corporation.  But unlike a Nike swoosh, for instance, or the Target bulls-eye, or even the logo of a local sports team, the "S" means something universal and positive and not specifically about the corporation that owns it.  It represents the idea that the actions of a good person can help make a finer world, whether you can lift really heavy stuff or not.  In an era inundated with messages, this seems like it wouldn't be such a bad one to wear around on your chest.

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