Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanks 2015

     It's the same world it was last year, so there's plenty to be thankful for, and also plenty not to be.  As has become tradition here, though, these are a few small things that can make a day feel a little happier:

Person of Interest - The CBS television show is barreling towards its fifth (and probably final) season, but over the course of the previous four it has transformed from a gritty crime procedural about a reclusive genius and an ex-assassin turned vigilantes into an epic tale of a battle between two A.I. gods.  How it got from the one to the other, accumulating and losing engaging characters and exploring the deep moral ambiguity of surveillance along the way, is much of the fun.  In retrospect you can see how all the main beats were planned out from the beginning, thus providing Network TVs most satisfying and exciting story.

Spider-Woman by Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez - The highly entertaining story of a pregnant superhero, with the sharpest dialog and character work and the most inventive and energetic page compositions in mainstream comics.

The Great Forgetting by James Renner - A man returns to his hometown and stumbles into what may be the conspiracy to end all conspiracies, one that brings into question the very nature of memory.  If you enjoyed Those That Wake and What We Become you may find this a very worthwhile read.

     Happy Thanksgiving.  Wherever the holiday takes you, don't show up without a good turkey joke.

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